Protects Equipments / Civil Structures
Cuts Down Maintenance Costs
Increases Life Span
Ensure perfect protection against acidic / alkaline fumes, dampness and atmospheric corrosion

POLPRIN™ Solution Coatings are specially developed after years of research, to suit Indian conditions and are based on world famous DuPont's Neoprene, Hypalon and other Elastomers and also many other ingredients that make them a really versatile anti-corrosive Rubber Solution Coatings.

POLPRIN™ Acid-Alkali Proof Anti-corrosive Coatings (Rubber Solutions) are manufactured in solution form and are available as POLPRIN™ Prime Coat i.e. Rubber Solution 'A' and POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B'.

POLPRIN™ Prime Coat : i.e. Rubber Solution 'A'   POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B'

It is proven bonding agent. Its prime function is to give best adhesion between surface of application and POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B'.


It is a single part chemical resistance rubber solution coating suitable for protection from Acid and Chemical fumes, Moisture, Sea Water, Weathering and Chlorine Vapours.

It gives good bond to metal, wood, asbestos sheet, brick masonary and concrete surfaces.


It is available in Black and Grey colours and for special application it can be supplied in other colours viz. Yellow, Orange, Red, Blue, Green and Off White provided the order is substantial.

It is available in Grey, Black and other colours.


It has good flex resistance and thus could be applied to fabric also which in turn can be used for water-proofing purpose on terraces.

It will be supplied in the same colour as that of HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B' selected by the buyer.

Surface Preparation
The surface which needs protection should be thoroughly cleaned and must be made free from rust, dust, oil and grease.
The cleaning can best be achieved by sand blasting.
If this is not possible then the surface can be cleaned by Grinding Stones, Wire Brushing, Sand Papers or by Rust Removal Chemicals.
It must be noted that proper surface preparation lays the foundation to the success of corrosion protection.
The contents should be stirred well, each separately before subjected to use.
No outside thinner should be added as this is likely to affect the quality adversely.
As soon as the surface is cleaned, a solvent wipe is to be given to remove residual free foreign matters provided there is no fire hazard nearby.
Thereafter, one coat of POLPRIN™ Prime Coat i.e. Rubber Solution 'A' should be applied immediately to the surface and its application should be in any one direction only.
Then, after an interval of about 6-8 hours or so, 2nd coat of Prime coat i.e. Rubber Solution 'A' should be applied to the surface. This time varies with ambient temperature.
After the prime coats i.e. Rubber solution 'A' are applied, POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B' should be applied after an interval of 8 to 12 hours or even earlier depending upon the atmospheric temperature.
Normally, 2 coats of POLPRIN™ HCR (Rubber Solution 'B') are sufficient for acidic-alkaline fumes and weathering.
For protection against occasional splash and highly oxidizing fumes total 6 to 8 coats of POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B' may be adequate.
An interval of 3-4 hours should be kept between each coat of POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B'.
POLPRIN™ HCR i.e. Rubber Solution 'B' also should be applied in any single direction only. Liberal amount of solution to be taken in both the cases and the brush should be applied very lightly.

Normally, the coverage given by one litre for 1st coat is about 7.5 sq. meters but subsequent coats may give more depending upon surface and skill of application.

The lids of the contents should be tightly closed as soon as the material is taken out for use.
Material should be stored in a cool and protected place.
No flame of any kind should be brought near the material in storage or at time of applications.
Brush should be cleaned by Toluene or Xylene.
If the coating has become slightly viscous, it can be made thin by adding little thinner and stirring it well.
Civil Engineering Application.
M.S. Structures like beams, trusses, columns and perlins.
Asbestos - Sheet roofs.
Exposed surfaces of underground pipes.
Exposed surfaces of M.S. Pipes carrying acids, chemicals, water and effluent etc.
Exposed surfaces of water storage tanks.
M.S. Window grills.
Rolling shutters.
Wall application specially in air conditioned chambers where there is a crucial problem of dampness in the brick-massonary wall the subsequent peeling of the paints.
Exposed surfaces of acid and chlorine tanks etc.
Exposed surfaces of caustic tanks.
Exposed surfaces of machinery parts, etc.

Above are general guide lines for applications but for any specific problem a reference be made to us. We are giving below a list of acids and chemicals against which these coatings, which we believe, are most likely to be useful in fighting effectively the recurring corrosion due to their vapours, fumes, moisture and atmospheric corrosion.

Acetic Acid Glacial Acetic Anhydride Acetone Aluminium Sulphate
Ammonia - Anhydrous Ammonium Hydroxide Ammonium Sulphate Amyl Alcohol
Barium Hydroxide Borax Boric Acid Butane
Calcium Bisulfite Calcium Hydroxide Calcium Hypochlorite Carbon Dioxide
Carbon Monoxide Chlorine Gas (Wet) Chromic Acid Citric Acid
Ethyl Alcohol Ethylene Glycol Ferric Chloride Fluboric Acid
Fluosilicic Acid Formic Acid Formaldehyde Hydrocyanic Acid
Hydrochloric Acid Hydrogen Hydrogen Sulfide Lactic Acid
Magnesium Chloride Magnesium Hydroxide Mercury Methyl Alcohol
Nitric Acid Oleic Acid Ozone Palmitic Acid
Pickling Solution Pickric Acid Water Potassium Dichromate
Potassium Hydroxide Sea Water Soap Solutions Sodium Hydroxide
Sodium Peroxide Sodium Salts Stannous Chloride Stearic Acid
Sulfur Dioxide - Liquid Sulfuric Acid Tannic Acid Tartaric Acid
Triethanolamine   and many other......

Please note that the above list is not exhaustive and is for general guidance only.
Standard Packing : Drums of 20 litres.

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